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   I know we always look at saving money with coupons as a way to help further ourselves in life. I know I did for many, many years. I never really stopped to think how I could use it to make somebody's life different. After all, what are a few dollars here and a few dollars there?
   Not much to most people, but to others it can mean a lot. I know I always wished I could do more to help some of my local organizations that help others. I seemed to lack both time and money to help. Therefore, that is what I did, wished. That is as far as it went too. Nothing more or nothing less of wishing I were able to do more.

  Then it occurred to me that I could do more. It would be easy to do and only take an hour of my time per week. That is it, an hour per week. Yes, I could spare an hour to help the organizations I thought were in greater need. It is a very easy way and I am surprised I did not think of it before. What was this great idea? Printing and using coupons. Yes, you heard me right. Printing and using coupons. It was not a brainstorm by any standards, just a sensible approach to carry out what you want to do.
   Here is how to do it. Go about the way you plan on shopping for food and other needed items, with one added step. Check for items that have coupon savings. Print the coupons and redeem them when you shop. Add up your savings per trip or week. Now give it to your favorite charity or cause.
   It does not sound like much. Let us see. How many friends do you have? How many social network friends do you have? If each one of you only saved ten dollars per week, a low number, how much would it be? Ten friends saving ten dollars per week is $100. Take that at 52 weeks in a year, $5200.
   Local charities could do a lot with that. Now, if you had 50 people doing that for a local charity that is a $26000 fund per year. That would help more people in your community. All it took was an hour of extra time.
   We want to teach our children charitable values. I know it will make a great school project for my children as they learn to do this and continue throughout the year. A penny saved is a penny earned, so is one donated.

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