What Grandpa Knew And Tried To Tell You-Change tedious garden tasks into enjoyable ones.

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  What Grandpa Knew And Tried To Tell You-Change tedious garden tasks into enjoyable ones. An organic gardening original content website that promotes healthy responses to the challenges of today's lifestyle. One way to accomplish this is to have a few websites that you can use for information reference. The how-tos and what fors can be easily understood on organic gardening and recycling. Does gardening and recycling really have anything in common? Very much so. By learning to recycle and garden organically you will be able to have a very productive season year after year.

  What are the benefits other than healthy produce from organic gardening? Well, hard to be a couch potato when you are busy gardening. Gardens have a higher oxygen and fresher air quality than just a grass lawn. People tend to find that they can escape the stresses of the busy world by spending time gardening and staying away from the electronic devices that take up a lot of our leisure time. Producing quality time with family and neighbors, yes I said neighbors. This can be as mundane as pruning a few plants to spending quality time on a garden project idea that you wanted to do, but never got around to. 

   OK.You have a gardening website, so why all the added fanfare with coupons, Downloads, games and money-saving advice? That is an easy answer, we as avid gardeners are also human. That is how we have varied interests across the board. We buy groceries, have families that we spend time with and go to special events.

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  We get our garden supplies from the four corners of our world, be it the town, county, state, country or world. The sundry garden tasks use lots of different items. I use sisal, wood, hand tools, seeds, containers, buckets, hoses, bricks and tape.

  We also buy software for design and .pdf files, computers to track various statistics on yields and finances, fuel and vehicles to get to these places. We pay for TV, internet and phone service. We clip coupons and try new Downloads to see if it fits our family needs. We have spouses that we take to dinner, buy presents for and enjoy the company of. Children that we care for in various ways including college education, the way to finance it and the various items that come with it.

  This is a website, so I get the space to have it, the software to design it and the various tools to rank and track it. I peruse these items across various planes to offer it to my audience. Lots of viewers do the same as I do, that is how and why they find my gardening website.

  I'm sure we could put a lot of animations here, maybe have a flash intro, a few screen shakes, maybe even a few lightning flashes across the screen. We understand it might attract a few more people to our site, but we are a content website. We have a few ads to alert you to items that might be of help. Maybe show you what that yellow and orange garden bug that is eating all your veggies is. A tool you didn't know existed, an easier way to do a task. New style affordable projects that almost any gardener can do. A lightning streak across the screen? Not at the homestead, it scares the cows!

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